Particulars Help


  1. Never omit the lesson home-work assigned; if you do, it is like missing a train that you can never catch afterwards.
  2. Always revise the work done in class, and make sure that you have understood everything clearly and thoroughly.
  3. Always take down in your diary the work that is assigned for the next day.
  4. All home work should be done neatly and the day's work always dated. Each new homework should be done on a fresh page.
  5. As you grow up, make a daily time-table for yourself for your study (the different subjects in the order of difficulty, the most difficult one being first) for your rest and recreation etc. In this way you will learn to be a person of regular habits, a most valuable asset in a later life.
  6. Revise at the end of week all that was learnt during the week.
  7. In order to secure all that is best in the education of the child, maximum co-operation between parents and school authorities is necessary. We earnestly recommend that parents or guardians look into school diary everyday and make sure that the lessons and home work assigned for the next day are done.
  8. Parents /Guardians are requested to go through the school diary daily and to sign the remarks/comments made by the Principal/Teachers.
  9. All communications to the school should be addressed to the Principal.
  10. Periodical Reports and the Report Book will keep parents/guardians informed of the progress of their wards. These reports are to be signed and returned in time as given in the school diary.
  11. Parents/Guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authorities.
    by urging their wards to be regular and punctual in attendance.
    - by not engaging private tutors without consulting the school authorities. It is the policy of the school to discourage private tuitions since a student should be able to progress in his/her work as a result of good teaching. If there is real need of a private tutor, arrange for one, after getting the permission from the Principal or Headmistress; The class teachers will not be allowed to take tuition for his or her students.
    - by seeing that their wards are diligent at their home work and lessons.
    - by insisting on neatness and cleanliness in the books, exercise books and personal appearance.
    - by attending Parents Teachers meeting organized by the school authorities.
  12. Criticism of a pupil's teacher or his school in his presence should be strictly avoided, because it causes the child to lose his respect for his teacher, with the consequent failure to learn from him/her. If you have a legitimate complaint see the Principal or Headmistress.
    As your child advances in age guide him/her to become a resourceful and useful member of home and country.
    Encourage self-help for work and study. The students should be taught to keep their room tidy, make their own bed, polish their own shoes, carry their own bag etc. The formation of such habits early in life inculcates in them the idea of the dignity of work, a fundamental personal virtue necessary for a successful career in life.
    Withdrawal of your child from classes for mere social functions is not recommended because it retards the child's progress in school and minimises respect for regular hard work with consequent failure to progress in studies.
    As the medium of instructions in this school is English, children should be helped to follow their classes easily and intelligently by a certain amount of regular English conversation at home.